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The pocket-sized party capital of India - Goa, exerts compelling surprises and events, powerful enough to allure travellers worldwide to book tickets to Goa. With just 1,500 square miles, this is the city where groves of coconut rule among the blaring sound of the traffic, yet the whispering sound of the sea and the bewitching white sands never fail to satisfy human desire. Well, that's just the surface! With happening shorelines, energetic nightclubs, well-known festivals and spicy seafood, this is Goa at its best.
Until the 1960s, Goa wasn't much of a holiday destination. With the influx of European hippies, who were startled by the scenic beaches and the vibrant culture, Goa got shaped to what it is today, under unusual influences and circumstances.
No wonder, this is India's most famous and travelled destination, not just for the flocking local tourists, but also for visitors from the UK, Europe, USA, Israel as well as Russia. As Goa endured to amaze and attract several visitors, it caught the attention of well-heeled Indian travellers too. Luxury hotels and beach resorts started appearing, while holiday packages and cheap flights to Goa from London became a common sight, instigating tourism at a higher level.
At present, Goa offers an ocean of options and caters to every breed of traveller with the best of beach shacks, budget and plush hotels, charming heritage homes, boutique hotels and lavish retreats.

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